Full time engineer and mom of three: finding a balance between work and life is difficult, but I can do it and I'd love to help women find their balance sharing my experience. Uh, I was almost forgetting: I also love fashion, and I have a low budget: so if you are like me, follow to get some inspiration!

I started this blog in the Summer of 2017, when my twins were just a few months old and my elder son was seven.

I immediately made my first two mistakes:

1. I thought that running a blog is easy:

«I just need a few euros to buy a domain». It was an enormous mistake: I had to learn how to buy a domain, what is a host, how to create a site, learn SEO. I also understood the importance of facebook and Instagram (no, they are not only for teenagers!) and this is just the beginning! Many other things I am still learning, and if I had known it, maybe I wouldn’t have had the courage of opening my blog.  One of my best mistakes!

2. I thought I am good at finding low cost fashion inspirations 

So, this blog’s first name was claudiashoppingbag. Writing a blog also helped me understand something more about me. I realized that I can share with other women my low cost fashion tips, but that I also have something more to say! I can share how I can reconcile my life of mom of three children with my life of worker in a multinational company. So I decided to change the content and the name of the site (domain, sorry!). PS: Since I am still learning some SEO, here and there you may still find trace of claudiashoppingbag, and if you pardon me I promise I will better study SEO asap!

What site name could reflect my identity of working mom sharing my work life balance experience ?

When I was talking with my friends about my new blog, their first question was: «how can you work full time, be a mom of three, and now also take care of a blog?!? When have you time for blogging?!????» 

I blog from 5 a.m. to 7a.m.: after the twins wake me up for their milk and before I wake up my elder son for starting our day. 

From 5 to 7, in the silence of my home, everybody is sleeping and I write (I write, I study, I make mistakes, I correct them…)


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